Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.What is your Delivery Area?
A.We deliver to all of Northeast Ohio. Call toll free 800-346-9009 with your specific area.

Q. Can I pick up my water?
A. Yes, you can pick up your water at Sunrise Springs Water Co. or one of our distributors.

Please call for directions to your nearest pick up location. We are adding new accounts all the time

Q. How much do the bottles weigh?
A. Generally water weighs around 8.345lbs per gallon or 42lbs for a 5-gallon bottle.

Q.How can I pay my bill?
A.You can pay with a check, or credit card, or cash.

Cash: Can be given to the driver at the time of delivery or brought in to our location. We do not recommend you send cash in the mail.

Checks can be mailed in to our PO Box 232, Newbury, OH 44065 or given to your driver at the time of delivery.

Credit cards can be processed over the phone, with your driver, or on our website once you set up an account using your account number and zip code. We can also automatically charge your credit card for your convenience after each delivery.

Q.How do I set up an account Online?

A. You will initially need your account number and billing zip code to get started. Click here to set up an account. You will be guided through to make a user name and password for your account.

use Existing Customer side if you are set up on Deliveries and have an account number

Q. Why set up an account online?

A. multiple reasons:

Pay your bill

see when you next delivery date is

see invoices from the past year

 monthly specials

Q. How often should I clean my bottle water cooler?
A. Once a year is really sufficient for most coolers. We have provided some cooler cleaning instructions(may need to print for better viewing)but Sunrise Springs does clean coolers for a small fee and we will leave you a temporary cooler while yours is getting cleaned!

Q.What is your minimum number of bottles to make a delivery?
A.At Sunrise Springs we strive to be efficient while still satisfying customers. We do currently require a 3 bottle minimum delivery. We have route schedules to fit individual needs. Our schedules range from once per week to Call as needed. We have a route for any customer.

Q. Can I skip my delivery and is there a fee?
A. Yes, you can skip any delivery not needed. There is no fee to do so. You will still be charged your monthly rental fee if applicable. Be sure you have enough water to make it till your next scheduled delivery to avoid service charges.

Q. Will my Water Softener Salt be delivered at the same time as my water?
A. YES! We deliver these items at the same time for your convenience.

Q. My bottle has something floating in it?
A. Each cap is equipped with a plug to help put the bottle on the cooler. Sometimes this does come dislodged and floats in the water bottle. This is nothing to be concerned about. The caps are sanitary and will not affect the quality or taste of the water.


Call or email us with any other questions!