Sunrise Springs


4317 ST RT 44,  Rootstown, Oh 44272


Monday, Wedsnesday, Friday 9am-5pm

Tuesday, Thursday 10am-6pm

Saturday 9am-1pm


Sunrise Springs has a variety of water types and sizes. From a 12oz bottle to a 5 gal bottle. We also sell three types of water in various sizes: Spring, Distilled and Reverse Osmosis. We service homes and offices throughout the Northeast Ohio area to meet your water needs.

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Sunrise Springs can help you treat, fix and love your water! We not only sell water treatment systems but we will also service all brands of systems you may already have in you home. We will help you to find solutions to you water issue, big or small.  Commercial water treatment also available.

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Contact us any time with your water questions.

We are your water professional and are here to help you to have quality drinking water in your home or office.


4317 State Route, Rootstown, Oh 44272


Phone: 330-325-8001

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