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Sunrise Springs is a family-owned business that has been serving customers in Northeast Ohio since 1990.  For over 30 years we have been thriving in a small town environment. We strive for consistency in our products and efficiency in our business. We take tremendous pride in customer service and our superior products.  Sunrise Springs Water takes pride in providing a variety of products and sizes. We are regulated by the FDA, EPA, Ohio Department of Agriculture, and the Geauga County Department of Health.

We are your water professionals!  If you have a water issue, we can help!

Our History

Sunrise Springs began in 1990, delivering water for swimming pools. We then evolved to bottled water within the next year.  Sunrise Springs saw a need for bottled water, not only in Geauga County but all of Northeast Ohio.  As the years progressed, Sunrise Springs decided it was time to expand. The Newbury Facility was not meeting the demands of our customers.   With that said Sunrise Springs decided to add a drive-through option for their customers!  This makes pickups easy and convenient! We also expanded our warehouse for more storage and space to keep our trucks inside!

Sunrise Springs was thriving in the Northeast Ohio market and expanded in 2012 and 2014 to add two more locations.  ROOTSTOWN AND WARREN.  These two locations give our customers a local retail location for pick ups!

We are happy to serve all of NORTHEAST OHIO!

Old Location of Sunrise Springs Water Company

Old Building

New Location of Sunrise Springs Water Company

New Building