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Sunrise Springs Water Co. has our own private source of bottled water. We derive our water in the heart of Geauga County and tanker the water in our stainless steel trucks. We have grown to bottle three products; Spring Water, Purified Distilled Water and Reverse Osmosis Water (RO).

  • Natural Spring Water

    This water derived from a glacier lake. The water arrives in a stainless steel food grade tanker. Our spring is EPA approved and is monitored daily. The spring water is triple filtered, Ozonated, and then bottled into a sterile bottle. Straight from the source to bottle. No processing.

  • Purified Distilled Water

    Our Distilled Water is derived from our Spring Water source. We first filter the water then run it through a series of water softeners to soften the water. We use steam distillation to extract the pure H20 from our source. This process expels all dissolved minerals to leave a pure, mineral free Distilled Water.

  • Reverse Osmosis Water

    R/O water, as it is commonly referred to, is again derived from our Spring Source Water. The water is Pre filtered through a 1 micron filter, then Softened to remove hard minerals. The water is then passed through a Kinetico Reverse Osmosis Membrane, then through a polishing filter. The water is bottled at the source.

Our water comes in a variety of sizes, 5gal 3 gal, 1 gal and individual sizes 12oz, 16.9oz and 20oz.

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  • Bottle Cleaning

    All Sunrise Springs water types are safe for drinking. All of our bottled water products are ozonated. We use ozone instead of Chlorine because it leave no residual and does not cause taste and odor problems. Ozone is Oxygen (O3) which is mixed with the water just before the bottling process. Each bottle is also disinfected with O3 to be sure you get a clean fresh bottle every time. Within a few hours after bottling, the ozone dissipates and converts back to oxygen (O2), the same air we breathe.

  • Testing

    Sunrise Springs Water Meets and/ or exceeds all local, state, and federal guidelines. We are regulated by the FDA, EPA, Ohio Department of Agriculture, and the Geauga County Department of Health. Sunrise Springs is required to do daily, weekly, Quarterly and yearly testing. Most of our testing is conducting from independent sources including; the Geauga County Laboratory, and National Testing Laboratories.