Sunrise Springs Water Co Response to Water Concerns due to train derailment


Sunrise Springs is committed to bringing our customers great water that you and your families can enjoy. After the recent events of the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio that has made us all nervous about our wellbeing and water supply, Sunrise Springs wants to update you to what we are doing to keep our customers safe. We will also try and help explain why our water will remain safe from this disaster.

Lets talk about the water sheds that control the flow of liquids in Ohio. Sunrise Spring Water Company source water is located in the Lake Erie watershed and particularly the Ashtabula chagrin watershed in northeast Ohio. The train derailment of east Palestine is located in the Ohio River watershed, and particularly the upper Ohio watershed. This is 3 watersheds away from our source water and bottling facility. Liquids will flow toward the water shed path as mapped. Sunrise Springs is located over 60 miles away from East Palestine. Watersheds are very important because it is important to know where runoff may go for rainwater and in case of emergencies. Please see the Maps included.

East Palestine, Ohio is located on the most eastern border near Pennsylvania and south of Youngstown in the Ohio River watershed and particularly, the Upper Ohio watershed. Spilled chemicals, if any, will flow as the watershed intended. This would mean that all spilled chemicals would flow East and South toward the Ohio River. We are not saying that any chemicals made it to the Ohio river or such but want to ensure our customers that our spring water, Distilled water and reverse osmosis water remain a very safe product and free of contamination.

What are we doing to be sure? Sunrise Springs continues to monitor our water, diligent testing daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly. We are also testing for VOCs again to ensure our water continues to be safe. We will continue this as long as necessary. We are being proactive to keep our customers safe and for them to continue to have confidence we are providing a safe product.

What can you do? Stay informed and keep an eye in your community and community bulletins about the contamination and safety. Sunrise Springs does offer testing and solutions to help remove VOCs if you feel that it is necessary.

Questions: Please call our office 1-800-346-9009 Here are some websites to check out: ( may have to cut and paste in your browser if link does not work)